About Vino Tasting Room

We started Vino Tasting Room as a passion project to be able to share back wine knowledge, information and overall enjoyment the way we’ve been fortunate to experience ourselves. 

From our experience, we’ve had the pleasure to meet winemakers, winery owners, sommeliers, industry experts and other passionate people who not only create an intimate experience but share the underlying stories that make wine fantastic.

When we looked across the web, we noticed patterns focused on wine reviews, wine ratings and of course selling wine but the information we craved was disparate, uncategorized and disorganized

Vino Tasting Room was born out of a desire to have better information curated to your preferred regions, varietals and wineries. We wanted a better way to make informative purchasing decisions, discover the voices of experts across the web and feel confident we were getting the best value for price on the market.

Join us on our journey as we are just getting started! 

Bookmark our page and be on the lookout for our app to hit your app store in the near term.